The Experience in a Catamaran Tour

Going out on a Catamaran Tour by Papagayo Gulf is a round experience: Visit secluded places, enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, observe attractive wildlife, have delicious food and drinks and of course...have so much fun with our crew and other guest!

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A Catamaran Tour by the Papagayo Gulf is really a round full-of-fun experience, as the gulf itself: The delights comes in the form of visiting secluded places and secluded beaches, enjoying swimming and snorkeling in close contact with the diverse wildlife, having delicious food and drinks and of course, having so much fun with our crew and other guest. No matter if you are dancing on the boat, playing volleyball on the beach, having a nice chat in the bar or jumping into the warm waters of the Gulf.

...A catamaran tour by the Papagayo Gulf in Catamaran VISION will always be a fun experience! 

Papagayo Gulf

Unforgetable experiences... Papagayo Gulf is a beautiful coastline on the North West Coast of Costa Rica. Nestled in the province of Guanacaste, the sunniest area of the country, Papagayo Gulf offers marvelous landscapes and best conditions for marine activities in Guanacaste province.



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Daily Weather

The weather plays an important rol in the ocean experience. It doesn't matter if it's rainy or sunny, it could be so much fun with any kind of weather. The important is to know what to expect and be ready to enjoy it! Here you can see a detailed forecast for the incoming days and fit you tour according with your preferences.     

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Vision in virtual paper

Here a brief and easy catalogue with a sight into the experience on board VISION, the biggest daily-tour boat in Costa Rica.


VISION in 2 minutes



A short but intense video showing the rich experiences you can live aboard the catamaran.

Group Private Tours


Here a video about the awesome catamaran group tours and the special experience offered by VISION + DGEMBE in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


A social experience!

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