Boarding is super easy and safe!

Getting aboard of VISION Catamaran couldn't be easier!

No little boats are needed to get into the party because this huge boat can make it right into the beach! A few steps by a wide and solid staircase and YOU ARE IN!!! No need to wait for the little boat, no need to wait at the beach while the other groups are on the road to the boat. At VISION, everybody get aboard as soon as they arrive to the beach...

Boarding at VISION Catamaran                VISION Catamaran is the safest choice for ocean cruises, but specially if you are travelling with kids, elders or handicap friends.  

Map for the boarding point of the Catamaran in Playas del CocoWhen you take the boat in Playas del Coco, you park your car and walk by the beach promenade just some 50mts. to the boat. Easier ...imposible!


If you are a with family or friends ( 8 or more persons ), we can also arrange pick you up in other beaches of the area. Call us now to check all the available options).

A social experience!

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